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A Bit About Me

My name is Jacki and I am married with two wonderful children Brendan and Erin who are now grown. Becoming a parent was magical, life changing and the most incredible journey. After I had my children I became a midwife in the UK and found a passion for empowering women to assist them with calm, peaceful birth experiences. I found that my previous psychology major also helped me to find ways to create the best environment for each individual woman and her partner. I have enjoyed using 'Active Birth' techniques as taught by Andrea Robertson and I am a strong supporter of  beautiful waterbirths. After a break of a couple of years in health administration due to a work sustained injury, I was very excited to be returning to assist empowering women in the birth process with my own Doula business. I consider myself a keen advocate of women and  I am non judgemental about your birth choice. I was always disappointed working as a midwife when I was unable to be at a woman's birth having cared for them for hours in labour on a shift. I found I could not always find time to practise the reflexology or aromatherapy I had studied to help women and create the warm, cozy environment so essential to women and their partners.
Being a doula means getting to know the parents and learning of their hopes and dreams for their birth. I can liaise with staff at hospital about your plans to endeavour to make your dream a reality. I can actually always be there for the entire event, established labour to the birth and not leave until the baby has fed and you are happy I leave. Then I can visit you at home and assist you with advice to make this next period of life go more smoothly.
I love my family and friends and my two cute dogs. My husband is a great cook and my enjoyment of food has led to a need for exercise and thus attempts at keeping fit. I love bush walking and X-Fit classes which are fun! I practice Transcendental Meditation and yoga. I enjoy reading and I am a member of a local choir which I adore as music and singing are true passions for me. I support human rights and animal welfare causes.

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